Feasibility of Small Hydropower in Gezira and Managil Scheme Canals

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Abuaglla, Rabab Abdelhadi Mohammed
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The Power Generation development, recently, considered seriously the extra benefits of using the renewable energy sources, because of the adverse impacts of using fuel in power generation, such as the high operating and maintenance cost and environmental pollution risk. Amongst renewable energy sources, hydroelectric power seems to be the most desirable for utilities. Hydropower can be defined as the capturing of the kinetic energy of the flow of hydraulic stream to generate electrical power, albeit in small scale from the low head systems like small earth dams and irrigation canals. Recent technological advancements made it an attractive proposition to develop small-scale low head hydropower in these systems, to provide the rural population with electricity supply, which is instrumental for socio-economic progress. In this research, the expected hydro power can be generated, from the potential sites at Gezira and Managil irrigation canals, is estimated according to the daily hydraulic data from the daily record office at the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resource. The hydraulic system for power generation is selected, and the estimation cost of setting the small hydropower system at proposed gates is estimated, which is essential for the preparation of the feasibility study. The study is determined that it is economically visible to install the Small Hydro- Power Plant at the identified irrigation gates at Gezira and Managil scheme. Also the study calls to enhance more researches on this field at the other irrigation systems, and the possible small hydropower potential sites at small earth dams and along the Nile and its tributaries.
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