Evaluation of Drip Irrigation System under Tow Levels of Water Salinity

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Sara Ayoub Eltayeb Mahgoub, Mahgoub
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Evaluation of Drip Irrigation System under Two Levels of Water Salinity (MSc. Agric. Engineering Thesis) Sara Ayoub Eltayb Mahguob Abstract: The drip irrigation system was evaluated under irrigation waters with high levels of salinity (1000 ppm and1500 ppm).with a view to transferring and adopting the technology under Sudan condition .The field work was conducted in the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), Dubai- U.A.E during the period September 2010 to May 2011. The averages of discharge from randomly selected drippers were measured volumetrically, consequently determined the three basic hydraulic evaluation parameters as Christiansen’s Coefficient of uniformity (Cu %), the Distribution uniformity (Du %) and the Emission uniformity (Eu %). Their values for the 1000 ppm saline water were 89%, 88%and 87% as for the 1500 ppm irrigation water salinity values were,87% , 85%and87% respectively. The study revealed that irrigation water with up to 1500 ppm salinity can be used with drip irrigation system without much emitters clogging incurred. Hence it is recommended that the technology of harnessing highly saline water in agricultural production can be transferred and adopted in Sudan, particularly in places with high water salinity up to 1500 ppm
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Evaluation of Drip Irrigation System under Tow Levels of Water Salinity