Experimental Study on Soil Stabilization for the Production of Stabilized Soil Blocks In Khartoum Province

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Adil Ali Mohamed, Ahmed
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The objective of this research is to study the potentiality of utilizing earth as a building material for low-cost housing. Literature review was made on topics related to this study which included traditional and improved techniques of earth construction, soil stabilization and block making machines. The performance of traditional earth buildings in Khartoum province was evaluated. The experience of individuals in constructing such buildings was studied. It was found that traditional earth buildings possess many good features but its main draw back is the low durability and the relatively high maintenance cost. Engineering properties of different top soils in Khartoum province were investigated. It was found that most of the soils are suitable for stabilization. Cement is adequate for stabilizing many soils while lime is adequate in lesser cases. Soil stabilization was studied using three types of soils and two stabilizers (cement and lime). Mix designs were determined. Some of the factors affecting soil stabilization was studied. It was noticed that addition of stabilizers to the soils improved their engineering properties such as strength and durability. Stabilized soil blocks were manufactured using two different block making machines. Engineering properties of these blocks were determined. The results confirmed the possibility of manufacturing stabilized soil blocks that satisfy the requirements recommended for building bricks. Recommendations for further investigations were presented.
Experimental , Soil Stabilization,Production , Stabilized Soil ,Blocks In Khartoum Province