Periodontal Health Status Of Patients With Chronic Renal Failure in Khartoum

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Mohammad, Hanadi
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Oral health of chronic renal failure patients (CRF) is an important subject which was investigated by a number of researchers in different countries, and this is due to the fact that oral infections can be transmitted to the arteriovenous fistula used for the dialysis and can also cause septecemia in these medically compromized patients. Since the problem was not investigated in Sudan the present study was designed to investigate the periodontal condition of patients with chronic renal failure undergoing hemodialysis. A group of thirty three CRF patients were selected from patients attending Khartoum dialysis center and the dialysis unit in Ibn Sina Hospital according to the following criteria: 1- Their ages range from 18 -35 years but were not having aggressive periodontitis. 2- They were not diabetic. Twenty eight healthy individuals with the same age range collaborated in this study as a control. All the subjects were examined using the plaque index(61), the gingival index(62), calculus on the basis of present or absent, recession, frequency of brushing and bone loss using Orthopantomograms. The 10 results revealed that patients with CRF present with more gingival inflammation with a mean and standard deviation for the sample of (1.06 + 0.4 ) where for the control group it was (1 + 0.3 ).There was a significant difference between the patients and the control group (P < 0.00002).The patients had also more bone destruction which was present among 93.7% of patients with CRF while it was found only among 45% of the control group( P < 0.002 ). This can be explained by their poor oral hygiene and lack of dental care. Taking into consideration the results of the present investigation it is recommended that patients with CRF should improve their oral hygiene and should receive more proffessional dental care and periodontal treatment so as to avoid unnecessary complications
Periodontal Health Status Of Patients With Chronic Renal Failure in Khartoum