Haematological and Biochemical Profile of Blood of Indigenous Chickens in Sudan

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Daffalla, Abuagla
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An experiment was conducted to study the haematological parameters and biochemical profile in three indigenous chicken ecotypes of Sudan. Chickens of three different ecotypes (Large Beladi, Betwil and Bare Neck) were reared in the experimental units of the Faculty of Animal Production, University of Khartoum. Sixty chickens (10 males and 10 females) from the three different ecotypes were tested at mature ages ranging from 1.5-2.0 years to evaluate the haematological parameters and plasma biochemical blood profile. Total red blood cells count (RBC), packed cell volume (PCV), haemoglobin concentration (Hb), total white blood cells (WBC), mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH) and mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration (MCHC) were assessed. Haemoglobin concentration ranged from 17.35 to 18.7g/dl, WBC number was 2.23- 2.35×106/mm3, MCH ranged from 66.44 to 92.53pg and PCV from 39.95% to 44.4%. They were all not significantly different among the three ecotypes. RBC number (2.67-2.14×106/mm3), MCV (169.75-249.34fl) and MCH (66.44-92.53pg) were significantly (P<0.05) different among the three ecotypes. Plasma total protein, albumin, cholesterol, uric acid, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium were also evaluated. The values of plasma total protein, inorganic phosphorus, uric acid, sodium and potassium ranged from 3.69to4.86mg/dl, 3.22to3.74mg/dl, 4.38to11.63mg/dl, 170.1to195.15mg/dl and 3.54to4.04 mg/dl, respectively, they were significantly (P<0.05) different among the three ecotypes. However, the values of albumin, calcium and cholesterol ranged from 1.98to2.13mg/dl, 14.3to14.72mg/dl 90.46to105.38 mg/dl, respectively, and these were not significantly different among the three ecotypes.