The Political Economy of Oil in Sudan

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Lina Ahmad, Mahmoud
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Oil discovery and production plays an important role on Sudan’s present and future affairs. The objective of this research is to study the impact of Oil discovery and production on Sudan’s national and international relations. The increasing global demand for oil has reshaped the world economic and political relations, oil became the motivating factor of industrial society and the life blood of the present civilization. The study formulated a number of hypotheses for the purpose of tracing the impact of oil discovery on Sudan economic and political aspects with a background of global oil context. Macroeconomic indicators in Sudan and the direct impact of oil discovery on the most important economic factors are also discussed. Finally the political conflicts in Southern and Western Sudan are also studied to shed light on the role of oil in maintaining peace and fuelling conflicts. The study relied on the descriptive and analytical research method\\\\\\\"s\\\\\\\" to obtain and analyse the necessary information and data from primary and secondary sources. The study achieved various results, of which the most important are: 1. The significant role of oil industry and production in reshaping the political economy of Sudan nationally and internationally. 2. Oil as an important economic resource has reflected positively on the performance of the macro-economic indication of the country resulting in positive economic advancement at various levels. 3. Oil plays a major role in peace and also triggers conflicts in Sudan
Political, Economy , Oil ,Sudan