Response of the Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Crop to Time and Rate of Nitrogen Fertilization in North, Central Sudan Environment

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Ali, A.M.
Yousif, A.E.M.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
The response of the potato crop to the time and rate of nitrogen fertilization was studied at Shambat, Khartoum North, Sudan in 1994/95 and 1995/96 winter seasons. The results indicated that the time of nitrogen fertilization had no significant effect on emergence percentage. Crop haulm growth, total yield and percent large tubers (>55 mm) were positively affected by splitting nitrogen fertilization. Splitting twice and thrice in the first season and thrice in the second resulted in the highest total yield. Fertilization of the crop at the rate of 169 kg N/ha resulted in higher yield than at the rate of 226 kg N/ha.; yet percent of large tubers was higher for the high than the low rate. However, marketable yield was higher with the application of the whole fertilizer at planting than split application
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