Design and Evaluation of a Multi Grain Thresher and Groundnut Sheller Machine (Case Study South Dar Fur-Sudan)

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Mohamed Salah Eldin Mohamed Abdel Rahaman
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University of Khartoum
A multi grain thresher and groundnut sheller machine was designed to work under condition of South Dar Fur State. It was locally constructed in Nyala depending on the skill of the local artisans and the material that is available in the market. The whole machine was constructed from steel, sheets, angle iron, bars and bolts and nuts. The machine is mounted on two 600X15 wheels on a single axle that help the mobility of the machine between fields. And has a rigid drawbar with jack. The machine was provided with two types of drums. Pegs type drum is used for threshing sorghum and millet and the other type is the rasp bar for shelling groundnut. The cleaning system of the machine is achieved by means of a sucking fan with a back curved impeller sucks the chaff and shell from a shaker pan with screen fixed on it. The control of the speed of all revolving parts (Drums, fan and shaker) of the machine is through changing of pulleys. The machine was designed to be drive by 8 to 10 hp diesel or petrol engine that mounted on the main frame. The material is fed to the machine manually through the hopper and the final product is collected under the screen on a collecting pan. The results of test and the economic assessment under condition of South Dar Fur of the machine proved that the machine needs only three persons to operate. And it needs sum of SD 424500 as an investment cost on the machine. Which has annual return of SD 881100 this is more profitable than owning the Turkish thresher (HMT-1200SPX) which is now the only Thresher operating in the area in addition of its capability to thresh not to shell groundnut. On the other hand the results of the test indicated that the machine has a capacity of shelling 16-18 sack of groundnut per hour with shelling efficiency 94-96% and loss of kernel not more than 6.5%. And has threshing output 792 Kg of millet per hour with threshing efficiency 98% and not more than 3.1% grain damage and 4% of grain loss. While in threshing sorghum the results showed that the machine output is 480 Kg of sorghum per hour with threshing efficiency 99.2% and not more than 6.5% of grain loss.
A Thesis Submitted to University of Khartoum in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For Ph.D. (Agricultural engineering)
Groundnut grain thresher South Dar Fur State sudan Agricultural engineering University of Khartoum
Mohamed Salah Eldin Mohamed Abdel Rahaman, Design and Evaluation of a Multi Grain Thresher and Groundnut Sheller Machine (Case Study South Dar Fur-Sudan). – Khartoum : University of Khartoum, 2004. - 115 P. : illus., 28 cm.,Ph.D.