Effect of Ocimum basilicum L. Leaves Powder and Extracts on the Faba Bean Beetle Bruchidius incarnatus Boh

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Zobida Hassan Ibrahim
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This work was carried out under laboratory conditions at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan to study the potential usage of sweet basil plant (powder, crude ethanol extract and water extract) as pest control agents, against an important pest of stored faba bean in the Sudan; namely the faba bean beetle Bruchidius incarnatus Boh. Evaluations were based on the level of activities of these agents and their effect on the mortality and the development. Statistical analysis of Ocimum basilicum powder and crude extracts at different concentrations 5%-10%-15% have shown promising activities against the test insect compared to the control. The plant leaves powder has shown a strong ovicidal action at the highest concentration 15%. The result generally indicated the following order, powder 15%>ethanol extract 15%>water extract 15%. The studies have indicated that sweet basil caused high mortality and reduced the adult emergence at the high concentration of 15%. To study the effect on oviposition and egg hatching, faba bean seeds were treated with powder and crude extracts of sweet basil plant. Results have shown a considerable reduction in the number of eggs laid, and the percentage of egg hatch, the loss in seed weight of faba bean seeds were also calculated and was found to be affected by powder and extract treatment. Effects of tested materials on the larval and pupal development were not investigated in this study, because these stages deveop inside the faba bean seeds.
Faba Bean
University of khartoum