The Hygienic Quality of Raw Milk Produced by Some Dairy Farms in Khartoum State, Sudan

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ElYas, Ibtisam
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This study evaluate the quality of raw milk produced by the big 60 dairy farms at different locations in Khartoum State, 120 milk samples were collected from the selected dairy farms and tested during summer and winter seasons. Laboratory pasteurization counts, coliforms counts, Enterobacteriaceae counts and total bacterial counts of raw milk were estimated. Enumeration, isolation and identification of S. aureus, E. colt and Salmonella spp. were also estimated. Higher total bacterial counts were estimated during the present study for both milk samples collected during summer and winter season (5.3x101° and 7.5 x107 cfu mL-1, respectively). Similarly the laboratory pasteurization count of milk samples collected during summer were higher than those collected during winter season (6.0 x103-3.1 x109 and zero to 5.3 x107 cfu mL-1, respectively). Highly significant variations (p<0.001) were reported for the milk samples collected from dairy farms in different season and cities of Khartoum State for all microbiological quality tests that carried out.
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Quality, raw milk, dairy farms, Khartoum State, Sudan