A Study of the Porous Shell Cooler

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Zakaria, A. Nabi
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This work includes a general study of evaporative cooling and the limits of its application in Khartoum. It includes also a special experimental investigation in the design of an air and water cooler using an innovation first proposed by Professor A.A.R. El Agib, incorporating ashell cooler made-of cheap Local earthenware. Water will percolate through the pores of such a shell and when outdoor air is fanned past the shell, the water will evaporate and cool the air. The water contained inside the shell will be simultaneously cooled. The investigation is carried out in four parts - Part I General study of evaporative air cooling, Part II study of suitable porous material, Part III utilization of the porous shell as an air cooler and Part IV utilization of the porous shell as a water cooler. The main points covered were: 1) Determination of Khartoum comfort zone for evaporative air cooling. 2) Calculation of the amount of water necessary to evaporate and cool Khartoum midday air towards this comfort zone. 3) Determination of the permeability and strength properties of the Gula. 4) Design of a porous shell cooler utilizing small diameter clay pipes produced by affinity casting. 5) Determination of the comfort temperature for drinking water. 6) Determination of the performance of Gulas and the, limitations of using evaporative cooling to cool drinking water. Some of the difficulties encountered by the author were: 1) Evaporative cooling theories are still not very advanced. Empirical formulae and experimental test results are used to determine the design parameters of evaporative air coolers. 2) No previous study is available for the different clays in the Sudan. An instrument such as powder x-ray-photography equipment or sedimentation apparatus to measure clay particle size is not available in Khartoum. 3) Obtaining reliable performance data from the constructed porous shell cooler. This was due to the type of available measuring instrument and air tunnel, in addition to design difficulties.
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