Failure of induction of Labour

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Abd El Khalig, El Teyeb
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One hundred and twenty women undergoing labor induction were studied in O.M.H. in the period from October 1, 1997to March 30, 1998. The incidence of induction of labor was found to be 3.33%. The postdates pregnancy was the major indication (45.8%), hypertension and preclampsia (35.0%), pre labor rupture of membranes (10.0%) and others 9.2%. In 91.7% of cases the method used for induction of labor was oxytocin combined with amniotomy. 86.7% delivered vaginally and 85.0% of them within the first 12hours of induction. The 13.3% by caeserean section . The induction failure rate was found to be 10.8% and the major factor contributing to failed induction was the unripe cervix. Other factors influenced the failure rate were the age of the patient and parity . No neonatal death encountered in the study and those who needed resuscitation or admission to nursery were found mainly in the group delivered by forceps compared to the other 2 groups (statistically significant) .
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