A Management Perspective on the Performance of the Irrigated Sub-Sector: Case Study: Rahad Scheme - Sudan

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Kiri, Osman Roman Jermalili
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It is widely recognized that the performance of large scale schemes in the Sudan (Rahad Scheme as an example) has not fulfilled the objectives supposed to be furthered by the agricultural development strategy. The performance of these projects has been below any expectation. Therefore much attention has been given to the question of how these large scale schemes can be made to perform efficiently and effectively in order to increase their potential contribution. The purpose of this study is to assess the performance of irrigation water management of Rahad schemes and what steps can be taken to improve its performance with reference to planning, implementation and progress monitoring processes of water supply activities. The study was carried out using different data collection methods, a survey-questionnaire, in-depth group and individual interviews, document reviews and personal observation. Results of assessment of the water supply activities indicated that there was no acceptable planning, implementation and monitoring processes available in the scheme for the following reasons: - The detailed operational procedures available in the scheme were only perfunctorily applied. - There is lack of proper management functions. - There is a problem regarding information feedback and the quality of information collected is sometimes doubtful. - No proper system for monitoring is present in the scheme. - There is lack of motivation of the staff at all levels. - The amount of funds available for recurrent maintenance works is very limited. Concerning farmers’ participation, the farmers’ knowledge on production and the level of farmers’ water management skills at the different major canals selected had improved substantially. To conclude it can be said that no effective planning, implementation and monitoring processes of water supply activities were there in the scheme.
University of khartoum