Development of A Hydraulic Trainer Bench

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Hamid, Hussain Yousif Abdelrahman
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University of Khartoum
Study conducted at Faculty of Engineering showed the need for further training of students in the field machine hydraulics. As a response, a trainer bench was developed to serve as training bench. Basic hydraulic system principles and components such as pumps, actuators, valves, hoses, reservoirs and oil cooler were discussed. Design formulas for computing the flow, torque requirement, input/output power, volumetric, and overall power efficiencies of the pump and motor were also presented. The bench included a various basic hydraulic components such as hydraulic pump, motor, and cylinder circuits together with hydraulic tester. Furthermore, a hydraulic steering model and a heat exchanger had been developed and incorporated to complete the bench. The trainer bench allows different circuit configurations to operate and test all hydraulic components such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder. The bench can further be upgraded to more complex hydraulic circuits which may involve use of control valves and multiple actuators. The developed trainer bench is also self-contained mobile unit that can be used wherever a prime mover such as a suitable internal combustion engine is available.
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