Micropropagation of field tested superior Eucalyptus grandis hybrids

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Warrag, Essam I.
Lesney, M.S.
Rockwood, D. L.
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Three superior clones of Eucalyptus grandis hybrids were micropropagated through several steps. Five-year-old trees were girdled to induce juvenile sprouts. Cultures were attempted from mature branches and sprouts. Branches from mature trees were 100% contaminated while sprouts were only 40% contaminated. Pre-initiation hormone free medium and dark environment were used to screen for contaminants and to reduce production of phenolic compounds. Initiation of auxiliary buds was achieved with modified MS plus 0.05 mg/I NAA and 0.5 mg/1 BAP. High multiplication rates were obtained on auxin-free medium with 0.6 mg/1 BAP. Elongation of shoots was best on media with high auxin (2.5 mg/1 of IBA) and cytokinin (1-1.5 mg/1 of zeatin). Continual subculture on the multiplication medium improved rooting significantly. Up to 98% rooting was achieved on 1/4 MS with 2 mg/1 IBA. Rooted propagules were successfully transferred to a mist greenhouse with 82% survival, and then to greenhouse conditions. ,
elongation, initiation, rooting, sprouts, Tissue culture