Aerobic Bacteria,Pressure,Ulcers

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Shakkak,Rehab Kamal Ibrahim
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University of Khartoum
Pressure ulcers are problems that can lead to pain, a longer stay in the hospital or nursing care home. The present work included collection, purification, identification and sensitivity testing of 130 clinicalbacterial isolates from pressure Ulcers in hospital patients during May 2001- and May 2002 in Khartoum Teaching Hospitals. The clinical isolates were purified by streaking on suitable selective and differential culture media. They were identified on the basis of the results of microscopical examination, Gram staining reaction, cultural characters and biochemical tests. The clinical bacterials isolates found were: Proteus species41 (31.5%) Staphylococcus aureus 32 (24.8%) Psudomonas aeruginosa 22 (16.9%) E. coli18 (13.8%) Klebsiella species 7 (5.4%) B-haemolytic streptococci 2 (1.5%) The isolates were examined for susceptibility to ten widely used antibiotics using the disk diffusion technique. The results of this work indicatedthat there were very high levels of multiple drug resistance observed in the clinical isolates of all the pathogenic bacteria collected.
Aerobic Bacteria,Pressure,Ulcers