Performance of Some Maize Genotypes (Zea mays L.) and their F1 Hybrids for Yield and its Components.

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Khalafalla, M.M
Abdalla, A.H
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
A set of 45 maize genotypes comprising nine parents and their 36 F1 hybrids were evaluated at two sites (Shambat and Wad Medani) in season 1992/93. A randomized complete block design with three replications was used. Significant differences in yield and its components were detected among the genotypes at both locations, except number of cobs/plant for which significant differences were detected only at Wad Medani. Among the parents, Giza 2 ranked top in cob weight, 100- grain weight and grain yield/plant at both locations. On the other hand, among the hybrids Santa Rosa 8330 RE x Giza 2 was the best cross at both locations. The study indicated that high grain number/cob and high 100-grain weight were the most contributing characters to grain yield/ha.
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