Beef Production Potential of Some Northern Sudan Zebu Cattle

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Abu EL Gasim Yousif, Gumaa
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The study comprised two breed types, Western Baggara and Kenana. The bulls were intensively fed on sorghum-based diet. The experimental period extended up to 330 days. The average periods to reach the target weight, 350 kg, were 30 and 28 weeks for all experimental animals and 27 and 23 weeks for the slaughtered bulls of Kenana and Baggara breed-type, respectively. The difference between the periods to reach the target body weight was highly significant (P<0.0l). The results indicated that Baggara bulls had a better feedlot performance and superior over Kenana in the following studied characteristics: daily and relative rate of gain and feed conversion ratio. At equal fasted body weights Baggara bulls produced heavier carcasses, yielded higher dressing percentage, while Kenana bulls had heavier hide, feet and heart components. Carcass composition analysis showed that the Baggara breed-type was superior over Kenana through having higher proportions of total muscle, high-priced cuts, saleable meat and total fat. On the other hand, Kenana carcasses yielded higher bone proportions (P<0.05) than Baggara. The area of Longissimus dorsi muscle and the fat thickness over the muscle, had greater values in Baggara than Kenana, while the latter breed produced longer carcasses. Proximate chemical analyses indicated that the Baggara beef had higher percentages of fat, total and sarcoplasmic proteins and non-protein nitrogen (P<0.0l). The objective and subjective evaluation revealed that meat from Baggara bulls was more tender (P<0.0l), juicier and more acceptable than that of Kenana bulls. Cost analysis indicated that fattening of Baggara bulls was economically feasible and generated more margins. The study concluded that both breeds, under the conditions of this study had good beef production potential while that of Baggara, in particular, compared favorably with some temperate beef producing breeds.
Production Potential,Northern ,Sudan Zebu Cattle