A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements of Clinical Doctorate Degree in Restorative

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Awad, Mona
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Diabetes has been reported repeatedly in association with periodontal disease specially in younger people, but no one was able to prove that diabetes is a specific cause of severe periodontal disease. As a matter of fact many people with diabetes has normal periodontal tissues. Although the relationship between diabetes and periodontal disease appears to be strong, the corresponding variables inherent in studying two chronic diseases may result in less clear association in a selected population. The present investigation is carried out in Khartoum State during the year 2002, one hundred dentate patients (50 for test and 50 for control) with an age range 30 - 55 years. 50 of them were diabetic patients randomly selected from patients routinely attending Jabir Abu Elizz Diabetic Center. The control group (non-diabetic) was selected randomly from patients attending the Dental Clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry and Khartoum Teaching Hospital. The study group was assessed, examined and investigated for diabetic status. The periodontal health of the test and control groups was examined using a graduated periodontal probe and a mouth mirror. For all subjects the plaque index, gingival index, calculus, probable pocket depth and attachment loss were recorded. Higher mean gingival scores and higher mean levels of attachment loss were recorded among diabetic patients, which is not related to the amount of plaque or calculus. The results of this study agree with studies elsewhere in the world that diabetic patients are at a higher risk for the development of periodontitis, hence the control of periodontitis is beneficial to diabetics and vice versa. It can be recommended that periodontists, dental hygienists should be partners in diabetes
Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease,Treatment of periodontal diseases