Assessment of Land Cover in the Blue Nile State, Sudan, Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

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Osman, Mohamed
Mirghani, Abdalla
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University of Khartoum
The study aimed to assess land cover in the Blue Nile State using remote sensing and GIS techniques. The main objectives of the study were to assess the Land Cover Classification System and the object-oriented methods in estimating the land cover changes and in assessing the encroachment of rainfed agriculture on the forest lands and grazing areas, during the period 1984-2010. The results showed that there was an increase in the agriculture area at the expense of the forest lands and grazing areas, with 51% of the forest area under crop production in 2010. Based on the research findings, a land use model was proposed to support planning and to be used as a basis for updating the national land use and investment maps of the study area.
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Land cover; remote sensing; Blue Nile State