The Role of Industry In Local Development: A Case Study of Kenana Sugar Company, Sudan

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Farah, Suzan Hersi
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University of Khartoum
Sugar industry is one of the important local industries, which contributed in industrial GDP output more 25.6 percent during 1994-2004. This contribution is around $4.8 billions. Sugar is considered as one of the important sub-sectors, as a result government devoted a great concern to it, thus, monopolized its trade. It contributes effectively in increasing the GDP and total revenues in the form of direct and indirect taxes, customs, duties and profits. This sub-sector also contributes greatly in providing health, educational and social services to citizens in the factories, location, hence contributes to the development of the encompassing environment. Kenana Sugar Company is the only factory which contributes with high percentage of sugar production in the country. So this study is intended to describe, explain and analyze the vital role that Kenana plays the national economic development in the Sudan. This study consists of five chapters; chapter one outlines the basic elements of the study. Chapter two deals with the conceptual framework of the study. Chapter three examines sugar industry and economic development plans in the Sudan. Chapter four provides an account of Kenana Sugar Factory and its role in economic development in Sudan. And finally, chapter five presents findings and recommendations. The study recommends that sugar production should be directed to local consumption in order to achieve self-sufficient for the citizens, because it is not fair to export the sugar, while at the same time there is an exacerbating shortage of sugar consumption in domestic market. As far as the free trade system to be applied, it should be difficult to prevent importation, so it is necessary to decrease production cost in the local factories to enable them to compete. It is also so important to benefit from the concessions Sudan enjoys in the export arena
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Kenana Sugar Company; Sudan; Asalaya Sugar Factory; Sennar Sugar Factory; Elguneid Sugar Factory