The Impact of the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) on Sudan: The Impact of ALSO on our Performance

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Hussein, Shahad M
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First developed in 1991 under the ownership of the American Academy of Family Physician. ALSO important in Provision of Emergency Obstetric Care. In Feb 2004 the1st ALSO Provider course held at Continuous Professional Development Centre (CPD), University of Khartoum followed by a further 19 courses 9 at CPD - Soba University Hospital, U of K, 3 at CPD – Ministry of Health and 1 each in Dongola, Madani, ElObeid, Kosti, Sennar, Hasahisa & Kassala Then 4 instructors’ courses were held,480 completed the providers’ course. This is an observational cross-sectional study conducted in Sudan to evaluate the impact of ALSO on the performance of instructors. Almost all instructors (96%) were committed to continue in their involvement in the ALSO The majority (76%) are using the ALSO pneumonics in their practice Most instructors reported an increase in motivation (64%), confidence (73%) and ability (95%) in tackling obstetrical emergencies. The involvement of the instructors in ALSO improved their knowledge (49%), and markedly improved their skills (73%) andattitude (78%) Conclusion:The ALSO course should be a mandatory component of the postgraduate training curriculum.
Advanced ,Life ,Support , Obstetrics ,ALSO