On The Biology and Cytogenetics of the Blowfly Chrysomya Putoria (Wiedemann, 1830

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Soad Babiker, Abd Alla
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The life history of the blowfly Chrysomya putoria (Wiedemann, 1830) in fish meat was studied at (25 – 37°c) room temperature. Four types of food (fresh beef, boiled beef, fish meat and cow liver) were used as diets for the larvae of C. putoria and the effect of those diets on the larval development, survival rate of the adults and sex ratio of the adults was investigated. It was found that the longest period of the larval development and survival rate was in the fish meat. The sex ratio was found to be 1:1, the ratio was not affected by variation of temperature or type of food. The morphological characteristics of the egg, larval stages and adults of C. putoria were investigated and compared with other species 0f Chrysomya. Cytogenetic studies on brain ganglia of C. putoria revealed a mitotic karyotype of 2n=12 with five metacentric autosomal pairs and one pair of sex chromosomes. However, the meiotic karyotype from ovarian and testicular tissue revealed a haploid chromosome set of n=6. Polyteny of chromosomes was revealed in salivary gland tissue. Results of morphological, cytogenetic and effect of food on development were compared to previous studies on C. putoria and other Chrysomya species
Biology ,Cytogenetics,Blowfly Chrysomya Putoria