Some Aspects of Khashm el Girba Fisheries, Atbara River

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El Hassan, Mahassin Ahmed Ibrahim
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The present study was carried out in Khashm el Girba Lake, Atbara River. The study was carried at three stations, two upstream and one downstream. The study last from November 2004 to November 2005. Some physical and chemical characteristics of water for temperature, pH, conductivity, transparency, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate were studied from each study site. The study showed no significant difference (p>0.05) in any variable between the 3 stations. Comparisons with earlier studies from Khashm el Girba and with some tropical rivers were made. Nineteen fish species belonging to ten families were encountered during this study. These families were Cyprinidae, Cichlidae, Centropomidae, Clariidae, Mochokidae, Characinidae, Bagridae, Schilbedae, Mormyridae and Citharinidae. Analysis of the quotient of similarity index (QSI) indicated a high similarity as the QSI varied between 0.848 to 0.903 and a low variability in QSI value (0.055) between the numbers of species encountered at the different station. Shannon diversity index showed insignificant correlation (p>0.05) between species number and sampling dates. The length-weight relationship method was derived for 13 species. The results indicated allometric growth for Labeo niloticus, Labeo coubie, Barbus bynni, Oreochromis niloticus, Alestes baremose, Achanthoglansus biscutatus, and Shilbe sp while Lates niloticus, Clarias lazera, Synodotis schall, Hydrocynus forskalii, Bagrus bayad and Bagrus domcac showed isometric growth. The correlation between the catch and effort showed no significant (p>0.05) relation between the two parameters. Khashm el Girba Lake started to be flushed annually since 1974 to remove silt and debris, which result in mass mortality on fishes up and down stream, specially in Bagrus bayad which consist about 80% of the total collected dead fish. Recommendations towards management and restocking Khashm el Girba fisheries were offered
Some Aspects , Khashm el Girba Fisheries, Atbara River