A Study On Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia In Four Selected States In The Sudan

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Abbass, Sawsan
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The main goal of this research was to study the distribution of CCPP in the Sudan. A total number of 316 lung samples and 513 serum samples were collected from Southern Darfuor, Khartoum, Kassala and Red Sea States. Lung tissues were cultured on two different media (Brucella and Hayflick´s) for isolation of mycoplasma. Seven isolates ofMycoplasma were recovered; 5 isolates from Southern Darfuor, one isolate from Khartoum state and one isolate from Kassala state. Isolates were identified as mycoplasma capricolum subsp capripneumoniae(Mccp) using conventional serological and molecular techniques. Serum samples wereinvestigated for Abs against Mccp using CFT. 33.5% of samples collected from Southern Darfuor state, 30% of samples from Khartoum state, 38.5% of samples from Kassala state and 36% of samples from Red Sea state were found tobe positive. Higher antibody titers were detected in sera collectedfrom Southern Darfuor state. It was concluded from the study that CCPP is present in the investigated states and further work should be done to investigate other country States
Contagious, Caprine ,Pleuropneumonia,Sudan