Pre-Weadesert Sheep Under Supplementary Feedingning And Post - Weaning Performance Of Sudan

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Mohamed, Yousif
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My deep appreciation and gratitude to My supervisor Prof. Amir M. S. Mukhtar, Faculty of Animal Production, University of Khartoum, for his guidance, fruitful advice, valuable supervision and unfailing help and suggestions during the course of this study. Without his close supervision and guidance, this work could not have been done. My gratitude and appreciation is extended to my co-supervisor, Dr. Khadiga A. Abdel Ati and for the Research Board of the faculty of Animal Production, University of Khartoum. I am most indebted to Dr. Mohamed Dahia Idris, Director, El-Huda National Sheep Research Station, and his staff namely Mr. Khalid for allowing me access to their sheep records, and for their valuable suggestions on data arrangement. Sincere thanks and indebtedness are due to my friend Dr. Mohamed Adam Mohamed Ali, Head Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Kordofan, for his hospitality, generosity and accommodation at his house during my stay at El- Obeid. Sincere thanks are extended to technical staff, Range-Livestock Research Section, El-Obeid Agricultural Research Station; namely Mr. Mohamed Suleiman Hamid, Mr. Hassan Yassin Hamoda and Mr. Abdallah Fadelmuola for their unfailing help during the course of field trials and laboratory analyses of feed and blood samples. Thanks are extended to Mr. Idris Musa, Forestry Research Section, El-Obeid Research Station, for his valuable help in data arrangement and statistical analyses. Thanks are also extended to the research scientists of El-Obeid Research Station for their hospitality and generosity during my stay at El- Obeid. I am also indebted to the staff members of the faculty of Animal Production for their help during the course of my studies. This research work could not be possible without the financial support from the Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries, special thanks are due to the Undersecretary of the Ministry. Last, but not least, my utmost thanks and indebtedness to my colleagues at the General Administration for Quarantines and Meat Hygiene, Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries. Special thanks and appreciation to my colleagues Dr. Ibrahim O. Elobaid, Dr. Nawai Gubeir Nawai. Thanks are also extended to Mr.Yousef A. Isaga & Mrs. Shiwaikar Salih Ali for her valuable help and quick response to availing me with some inputs needed for the work during my stay at El-Obeid. Thanks are also due to Ms. Wifag Ismail for typing the manuscript