Intervention in Interventional Law

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Mahmoud Mustafa, Zonnon
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This study is about intervention in international law, more strictly it is about intervention by a state in the affairs of another state, because the act which is exercised for instance, by an international organization such as the United Nations in the affairs of its members is not considered as intervention. Initially, in Chapter one the study clarifies the nature of intervention, its meaning and different forms such as forcible, economic, diplomatic and intervention by propaganda. In Chapter two , the study discusses the consequences of intervention under the Charter of the United Nations with focus on the principle of sovereignty of the states which, the Charter is concerned with and considers it as a first organizational principle in international relations, and the importance of sovereignty and limitations put upon it, and then the link between sovereignty generally and intervention. The Chapter also states the principle of non-intervention which is adopted by international community and discusses also prohibition of intervention in the Charter of United Nations and the Resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly. The term “humanitarian intervention” appeared strongly in recent years as a principle directing the policy of international community. Thus, the study discusses in Chapter three the concept of humanitarian intervention in the affairs of other states to protect human rights, and some related issues -10- such as protection of nationals, interference in civil war, intervention by invitation and intervention for democracy. The Chapter moreover, shows the attitude of international law, theoretically through provisions of the international agreements and resolutions, and practically according to some judgments of International Court of Justice. The study ends with conclusions clarifying the consequences of intervention upon the relation between states and upon the international peace and security.
international organization,United Nations,law