Pharmacopathological Studies of Recent Anthelmintics against Haemonchosis in Goats

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Mazahir Mohammed Sheikh Idris, Idris
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The present work was carried out on experimentally induced caprine haemonchosis to evaluate efficacy of a new drug Cydectin relative to Ivermectin. It was intended also to study immunity status of the challenged animals. The development of the signs and lesions in the tissues and organs of goats orally infected with 2500-3000 3rd stage larvae of Haemonchus contortus was studied. Emaciation, inappetence, soft faeces, dullness, rough coat and prominent anaemia were observed. The main pathological lesions were abomasitis petechial haemorrhages, surface ulceration, hepatorenal fatty changes, hydropericardium and hydroperitoneum. There was a decrease in red blood cells (RBCs) count, haemoglobin (Hb) concentration, packed cell volume (PCV). The differential cell count revealed eosinophilia and neutrophilia with moderate increases in lymphocytes. Iron, calcium, sodium levels, total protein and albumin were decreased. Faecal egg counts and numbers of the adult worms in the abomasae of infected goats were recorded. The results showed that Cydectin and Ivermectin at a single dose of 1 ml/50kg body weight caused improvement in the haematological and biochemical parameters as well as clinical and pathological changes. The results also showed complete absence of egg production and adult worms. Studies were also conducted to evaluate immunity in Cydectin challenged animals. The challenged animals developed immunity compared to infected groups as the clinical signs became mild, haematological and biochemical parameters became normal.
Pharmacopathological Studies of Recent Anthelmintics against Haemonchosis in Goats