Application Of Landsat Satellite Data In Delineating And Monitoring Of Gum ArabicResources In Kordofan States - Sudan

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Ibrahim Ahmed Adam Abdella
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University of khartoum
The main purpose of the study is to monitor gum Arabic area and yield by using Landsat data and socio-economic analysis. Three areas in Kordofan, namely Damokia, El Himara and um Rawaba (comprise the area between latitudes 12o 45- and 13o 24- North) previously known with a good gum Arabic stand have been selected. Two Landsat scenes Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) covering the study area are used for the two successive seasons. Random training sets from the three sites are chosen using the Geographical Positioning System (GPS). The reflectance values of these areas exemplified by different vegetation indices (the greenness index) are used as regressors to predict yield by a simple regression model. Furthermore, the same training sets assisted by field observations are used to map gum Arabic areas and other ground associations. Generally an inversed relationship between gum Arabic reflectance values and yield has been observed which could be ascribed to the poor stand of the plant and consequently strong soil reflectance. In this case, the techniques of using satellite data are not suitable for gum Arabic yield estimate. Hence to relate yield to the greenness index, trees with solid canopies and/or good coverage are required. The ERDAS software is used to classify images which revealed a reasonable accuracy, an accuracy assessment has been used with a result ranges from 73 to 80%. Furthermore, the data analysis has revealed that, the gum Arabic business is predominantly traditional. It is exemplified by aged and illiterate people, small holdings, traditional implements (axe) and low capital investment. Moreover, prices determined by the Gum Arabic Company (GAC) is not satisfactory to farmers. The mapping techniques mentioned here could be developed to establish a system of gum Arabic monitoring or even a complete land use map. The current situation for the gum Arabic production calls for a serious research plan to improve policies to boost the production and to maintain the Sudan's position in the international market.
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Kordofan States
University of khartoum