Ways of Handling Sticky Cotton

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Abdel Mageed, G.E.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
In an attempt to reduce the difficulties associated with the processing of sticky cotton, different experiments were carried out at the Fibre, Spinning and Stickiness Research Laboratory, Wad Medani. Positive results were obtained when temperature and relative humidity were controlled in processing samples of low contaminations. Also, the results indicated that heavily contaminated cotton samples were highly affected by the increase in temperature and relative humidity. Medium staple cotton of low degree (1) and medium degree (2) stickiness could be processed if blended with 10% to 40% non-sticky cotton, whereas heavily contaminated cotton (grade 3) samples were very difficult to process. However, blending such samples with more than 60% of non-sticky cotton under temperature of 20°C and 55% relative humidity showed slight improvement in processing.
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