The Prevalence of Smoking Use among University Students at the Academy of Medical Sciences and Technology

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Marwa Mohammed, Osman
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Many young people smoke, and therefore they are at risk of developing tobacco use related diseases. Those who do not smoke have colleagues, friends or relatives who do. Hence nonsmoker suffers from involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke and also risk developing tobacco caused diseases. This is a descriptive community based study carried out to determine the prevalence of tobacco use among the students of the (AMST). The result showed that 115 (37.1%) of the students were tobacco users, 97 (84.3%) of them were males and 18 (15.7%) were females, and the rest of the students 195 (62.9%) were non tobacco users. Most of the students started using tobacco before entering the university (66.1%) and the rest of the students started using tobacco after entering the university (33.9%). The study showed that most of the students never attempted any quitting experience (39.1%), (30.4%) attempted at least one quitting experience and (30.4%) attempted more than one quitting experience. The conclusion shows high prevalence of tobacco among university students and recommended that preventive measures should be implied to this group and further studies are needed to include larger population
Prevalence ,Smoking Use , University Students , Academy ,Medical Sciences,Technology