Efficacy Of Selected Plant Products On The Control Of Tribolium Castaneum(Herbst.) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae

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Sir El Khatim, Mohammed Osman Mohammed
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The effect of powder and aqueous extracts of leaves and seeds of Ushar. Neem and Hargel plant as natural products have been tested against the 4th larval and adult stages of the red flour beetle Tribolium. castaneum (Herbst.) under the laboratory conditions. Mortality and repellency effects were evaluated. Rsults of Ushar plant indicated its highest mortality effect, (88.8%) using 10% concentration against the adult stages. Mortality effects were significantly higher in leaves than seeds and powder than aqueous extracts. The 4th larval stage had lesser effect than the adult stage. Neem seeds aqueous extract (10% concentration) gave higher mortality than the powder on the larval instar (42.5%) compared to the adult stage (21.21%). On the other hand neem seeds showed higher mortality than neem leaves. Results of Hargel plant indicated that leaves and seeds powder give highest effects than aqueous extracts on the adult stage, 12.38% and 13.66% were the highest mortality effect using 10% concentration of leaves and seed extracts on the adult stage. In 4th larval instar stage, 12.19% was reported to be the highest mortality when the Hargel applied was aqueous extract using 10% concentration. Results in general indicated that Ushar plant extracts were most the effective followed by neem, while the Hargel extracts were the least one. In all treatments, the higher concentration of the plant extracts, the more the mortality of the insect stage. With respect to the repellency effect, neem seeds powder showed 100% repellency when using 10% concentration. Hargel plant extracts came the next and gave 92.0% repellency. As for Ushar plant extract results showed that this plant came the third, as it gave 50% repellency. In general, repellency effects increased with the increase in concentration. On other hand the repellency effect showed higher in adult stage than the 4th larval instar
October 2005
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