preparation of some Nitrogen acyclic and heterocyclic systems generaated from p-bromoacetophenone

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Ahmed Nada Rahma Imam
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General chemistry of ketones including their preparation, reactions and properties were dealt with in chapter one of this work. The retrosynthetic analysis concepts and strategies were covered in the same chapter. Thirty new compounds belonging to five groups were prepared in this work. These groups include, Mannich bases, arylazopyrazoles, indoles, carbonyl amines and oximes. The logical retrosynthetic analysis of these target molecules reveals p-bromoacetophenone as the key precursor-starting material required for the initial synthesis of this diverse range of compounds. Standard synthetic and modified procedures were adopted in this work. The identities of the intermediate and final target compounds were elucidate by UV, IR and GC/MS. The logical retrosynthetic analysis and the mechanistic pathways of all the reactions in this work were given and discussed in chapter three of this thesis. The spectral data were analyzed and correlated with the structure of the prepared compounds. The final prepared compounds and their corresponding intermediates were assayed for antibacterial activity against four standard bacterial, the two Gram positive Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus and the two Gram negative bacterial Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The compounds were assayed for antifungal activity against A. flavus and C. albicans. Compound XX (p-bromobenzoyl methyldiethyl amine) showed the highest antimicrobial activity
preparation Nitrogen acyclic heterocyclic systems generaated bromoacetophenone university of khartoums
Ahmed Nada Rahma Imam, Ahmed Elsadig Mohammed Saeed/ preparation of some Nitrogen acyclic and heterocyclic systems generaated from p-bromoacetophenone._ Khartoum: university of khartoums, 2004._126pp,28cm,M.Sc