The Role of the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Promoting Peoples’ Participation in Development Activities in White Nile State

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Ali, Hawida Hassan Elawad
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University of Khartoum
For some time community – based organizations have been identified and applied by development project as effective means in encouraging peoples’ participation to achieve sustainable development, in developing countries. This study was conducted to investigate the role of the community-based organizations (CBOs) in promoting peoples’ participation in the on-going development activities in Guli area, White Nile State. To achieve the objectives of this study the field survey schedule interview(questionnaire) , group discussion ,and observations were used to obtain the primary data.. The secondary data were collected from Plan–Sudan documents, books, theses and other relevant sources. Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) was used for data management and analysis. The results obtained from the study indicated that the study area is characterized by weak infrastructure, lack of basic social services, high illiteracy rate and poverty. The study also revealed that the CBOs have contributed in encouraging the targeted groups to participate effectively in development activities introduced in the study area. However, as for women participation in development activities the result showed that such participation determined by many socio – cultural aspects. The study also proposed some recommendations for CBOs and the concerned authorities including; more efforts should be directed to development and introduction of relevant income generating activities to improve the standard of living of the masses residing in the study area. More attention should be given to participation of education and training to raise and increase the awareness in the domains related to people development opportunities to maximize the benefits of development projects and activities provided by the government and the NGOs. To address the socio-cultural aspects which limit women participation in development activities to enable them to participate effectively in their community development. More considerations should be directed towards the strengthening of the capacity of the CBOs to enable them to take a better role in their community development.
December - 2004
87 Pages
White Nile State; Education; government; Human Population; Social Service; Economic