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Water Harvesting for Integrated Water Resources Management and Sustainable Development in Khartoum State

Show simple item record Mahmoud, Wifag Heinrich, Jürgen Gaese, Hartmut 2016-03-08T08:55:55Z 2016-03-08T08:55:55Z 2016
dc.description.abstract Since the last two decades the frequency of heavy rainstorms in Khartoum State during the rainy season has increased resulting in inundation of urban areas and flashfloods in the rural parts. Dryness, heat waves, and water shortage prevail the rest of the year. Taking Khartoum City Center and Seleit Area Wadis, representing the urban and rural areas of Khartoum State, respectively, the aim of this study was to investigate the application of rainstorm water harvesting there. The ArcGIS platform and the US-NRCS method were used respectively for investigating the hydrological characteristics and rainfall-runoff analysis. For Khartoum City Center (6.5 km2), the drainage system found covering 42% of the area with total capacity of 24000 m3. Dominant imperviousness is indicated by the weighted CN of 94%. 13.1 mm rainfall produces runoff volume equal to the drainage system capacity with return period of one year. More than four folds that capacity is produced by the rainfall threshold for raising flood hazard of 30 mm. Accordingly, rooftop water harvesting from 72% of the buildings can accommodate the runoff produced by the 30 mm. For Seleit Area Wadis, the rainfall thresholds for runoff generation for AMCI, AMCII and AMCIII conditions are found to be between 18.3-22, 9.1-11, and 4.4-5.0 mm, respectively. Consequently, the respective runoff depth produced by the 30 mm rainstorm is 1.2-2.1, 7.5-9.1, and 15.1-17.0 mm. Hence, RWH in Khartoum State found to have great potential for runoff water management and sustainable development considering the inter-linkage between the rural and urban areas. en_US
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dc.publisher University of Khartuom en_US
dc.subject Khartoum State en_US
dc.subject water harvesting en_US
dc.subject IWRM en_US
dc.subject urban runoff water management en_US
dc.subject rural water harvesting en_US
dc.subject NRCS method en_US
dc.title Water Harvesting for Integrated Water Resources Management and Sustainable Development in Khartoum State en_US
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