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Meroitic Urban Centers: A comparative Archaeological Study between Kedurma and Hamadab

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dc.description.abstract The aim of this research isto understand the administrative, economic and social organization of the Meroitic urban centers along the Nile by comparing two of them;Kedurma in the north and Hamadab in the center of the Meroitic regions. It also aims to shed light on the nature of thesecenters, theirurban features,their importance on the Meroitic landscape and their contribution to a better understanding of the character of the Meroitic Empire.These centersrepresent the total geography of the Meroitic Empire north and south, both are Riverine centersand are important joints in the Nile trade of Meroe internal and cross-border.The researchadopted the descriptive, analytical and comparative methods. The research data was collected from general archaeological survey and excavations in the site of Kedurma, together with the collecting and examination of available archaeological reports and data of both sites. The research reached the conclusion that there is enough evidence to suggest that Kedurmaand Hamadab were probably similar in data but differ in functions. Hamadab,with its proximity to the capital Meroe,possibly providesone of the local assistanceto the capital in administration, protection, and manufacturingandserved as a river and inland port of the capital Meroe.The case in Kedurma is different, it isfar from the center, a distance of about 750km to the north, there are no fortification walls, it mightserve as a regional administrative headquarter, and also as a river port during the classical Meroitic period, this in addition to its location and its unique features.The research made a number of recommendations, the most important of which is the need to conduct modern archaeological studies of urban centers within acomprehensivestrategy to study the Meroitic urban centers in the central, northern and southern regions, using the natural landscape sciences, geographicalinformation systems and modern techniques. Theresearch also recommendsthat consideration be given to the big contribution of foreign trade to the development and spread of urban centers in and outside the island of Meroe. en_US
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dc.subject Meroitic Urban Centers en_US
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dc.title Meroitic Urban Centers: A comparative Archaeological Study between Kedurma and Hamadab en_US
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