The Effect Of Sodium Chloride Levels In Drinking Water On Brolier Performance

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Modather, Mona Hafiz Yousif
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The current experiment was conducted to determine the effect of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) addition at different levels in drinking water on the performance of broiler chicks. One hundred and ninety five -one day old unsexed broiler chicks were used in the experiment. Chicks were divided into four groups of 45 birds each with 15 birds per replicate. The birds were fed a commercial diet and were offered four different experimental NaCl levels in drinking water; distilled water as a control and water levels of NaCl in drinking water were Na 0,86 - Cl 0,80 mg/L, Na 1,30 - Cl 0,90 mg/L and Na 2.80 - Cl 6,35 mg/L . Feed and water were provided adlibitum. Feed intake and live body weights were weekly recorded and weight gain and feed conversion ratio ( FCR ) were calculated. The experiment was lasted for 6 weeks . Six birds from each treatment were randomly selected and weighed for determining carcass dressing percentage. The results of the present studies indicated that, the different levels of NaCl in all drinking water had no effect on feed intake, body weight gain, water consumption or feed conversion ratio compared to the control also similar findings on dressing percentage were observed
Sodium Chloride;Brolier- Performance;Animal Nutrition