Molecular Detection of Bovine Tuberculosis in El Rank Area, Northern Upper Nile State, Sudan

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Mukhtar, Moawia M.
Bakheit, Sahar M.
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University of Khartoum
This study was entitled and carried out to investigate and detect bovine tuberculosis as notifiable disease in El Rank area, North Upper Nile state, South Sudan. Using semi – structural questioner data and PCR results the summary of breed, age, sex and health condition were {50%, 20% and50% for Kenana, Baggara and Fellata breeds respectively. The 3years age group was more affected (45%) followed by both 4years and 2years (40%) and 5years (25%). 90% were male while 10% were female. 41% were healthy and 33% were emaciated}. In this study seventy sample (fourty from milk sample and thirty from inflamed lymph node) were examined using conventional methods (smear, culture on LJ medium containing glycerol and pyruvate) ,all examined specimens by ZN method failed to detect mycobacterium except one lymph node sample showed the characteristic AFB appearance of serpentine cords. This sample also expressed growth in LJ medium containing pyruvate (LJP), indirect smear confirmed presence of AFB. Transport media was efficient in keeping the samples, however it has drawbacks in culture. PCR for rpoB gene (235bp) identified 26 (65%) out of 40 were positive in milk sample and 12(40%) out of 30 were positive in L.Node specimen.
Genome,Tuberculin Skin Test (TST),ELISA,PCR-RFLP,Drugs Resistant TB,Ziehl-Neelsen Staining Procedure